Gooooooood Morning Sao Paulo BRAZIL.

by Joshua Millage

Well the adventure has begun.

I left LA yesterday mid day and took a delayed flight to Chicago. Which is hilarious to me because United seems to be very proud that they are the “most on time airline in the industry”.

From Chicago we jumped on a 10 hour flight to Sao Paulo.  The flight was good accept for the fact that I was in the middle of the row. ABCDEFGH. I was seat E. The lady next to me started a battle royal over the armrest and well… she won the battle.

We arrived in Sao Paulo at 9:30. I am having a hard time describing Sao Paulo because it trips out the senses out – it is similar to China but not as drastic of a change. I guess I would describe it as the USA/Italy circa 1978. Everything seems to be older, but at the same time artistically designed.

Today was a free day and we recouped from the long journey. Tonight we had dinner at Mediterranean restaurant that we thought was a Brazilian restaurant. The communication was difficult and we spent way to much money for the food. However, that is the beauty of traveling abroad. Learning through experience.