Day 2 – The tour

by Joshua Millage

Well the last few days have been amazing. The weather has not been the greatest, but the people on the trip have made up for it.

Saturday was tour day. We got in a bus and drove to see the sights around Sao Paulo. The first stop was a large rock shop. Sao Paulo is full of natural resources and many of the minerals are semi-precious. This shop was some what of a wholesaler where you could buy these stones for a low price.

The second stop was a market. If you have been to a market in Mexico you have been to this market. This is pretty much the same. Cheap wooden goods that you must buy for relatives and friends. Don’t worry friends and family I didn’t buy anything… just kidding.

Sao Paulo has a unique vibe and feel to it.Im excited what the next few days have in store.