Financial Markets, SPFC, Football and Chuhas.

by Joshua Millage

The past few days have been interesting. Yesterday I woke up with the work stomach ache of my life. Something tells me it was the “New” Chick BBQ sandwich I had from McDonald’s the night before. I never eat at McDonald’s and I have just another reason not to eat there again. However, every now and them some good ole’ fashion MSG sounds good.

Yesterday we went to a brokerage house called LINK. They are one of the biggest stock brokers in Brazil and have recently been bought out by UBS. In line with that visit today we went to the Brazilian Stock Exchange and met with executives who explain to use why Brazil is a good place to invest. It was a lot of talk with numbers so I won’t get into the detail. However, it was very interesting to get a sense of the mood in the investment community in a 2nd world country.

Last night we had went to A SPFC (Sao Paulo Football Club) soccer (football) game. It was such a amazing experience to be sitting in the stands chanting SAOU PAULO SAO PAULO and rooting for the local team. Even though it was a tie everyone had a great time eating Bib boxes and munching on churros filled with fudge (yes it was a heart attack waiting to happen.

Two key things I have learned so far on this Brazilian experience is that God is everyone in this world and He does not change from country to country. And leadership is one of the most essential aspects of a organizations success. Know that Im called into business to be a leader is changing the way I view business and people.

Business is my art. The marketplace is my canvas. My interactions with people and my employees will be my paintbrush. The successes (and failures) that I have will be my masterpiece.

The icing on the cake today was going to a all  you can eat steak house call a churrascaria. I am so full I can barely move!