Change = Good

by Joshua Millage

Well it has been a while since my last post. I am notorious for being very bad and keeping up with my posts. However, I will change.

Why do people avoid change? I feel that it is the resistance. There is a part of our primordial brain that author Seth Godin called the resistance. It is area that causes us to avoid pain and essentially keep up alive. Back in the day if a Lion was chasing you the resistence would kick in and say run because you need to stay alive. This is good. However, in this day and age we do not run from lions. We work with our brains and not our hands. The resistance is still alive and well and now it causes us to avoid change – because change can hurt.

I encourage you to quench the resistance and embrace change. Force yourself into situation where you will be tested, beat up, questioned and maybe fail. I have learned that when I seek out the difficult routes I learn more, my business skills are sharpened, my relationships deepen, my communication ability increases and overall I become exponentially better than when I take the easy route.

So why do I have long pauses in my blogging? The resistance. I am guilty of not writing because I’m afraid it won’t be good enough. I will say something wrong. It will be a waste of my time. This is wrong, and this outlet (blog) of ideas will be my gift.

Thought 4 Today: Do something different – if you work out of your room try working at a Starbucks. If you work at Starbucks try to do some work in a park .You might be inspired just like I am being inspired right now.