What is Art?

by Joshua Millage

One of my favorite authors says, “Art is anything that’s creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator.”

I have a friend who is a artist. But like many of us she is concerned with her art.

I’m guessing she wonders if its good enough. If it qualifies as art. And is afraid to show the world because of the lack of proper training.

So I raise the question… What is Art?

I love the above quote from Godin, because it hints at the fact that art requires emotional labor. Bob Dylan was an incredible artist because he resonated with a generation, not because he was the best singer. He used emotional labor to depict the passion and angst of a generation – a generation that was the catalyst for a cultural revolution.

“Emotional labor is the hard work of making art, producing generosity, and exposing creativity.”

I am a artist. I write. I create music. I create pictures. I create movies. I create intentional interactions in business. All of these art forms are hard to create, and even harder to show the world

So I end with this…

“Art is personal gift that changes the recipient”

Helen – I know your paintings change people. Please, do us a favor and show the world.