Productivity and the Womacks

by Joshua Millage

So this last week I had the opportunity to go to Lake Tahoe with a friend/boss that I am currently working for. The week was relaxing and I learned from many different conversations with some incredible people.

One of the most interesting moments was when I was at the pool with my buddy James. We met a lady named Jodi and started talking about work/life balance. I mentioned that I had just bought a book on productivity and Jodi asked what it was. I mentioned the author and she said that she had worked for the author for a few years and then started a company with her husband.

Later in the week Jodi and Jason stopped by and gave us some reading material, a DVD, and a cd. As soon as I returned to LA I dove into that material and I can honestly say I have increased my productivity. With Jason’s tips I have changed my approach to my daily workload and have figured out strategies to do more in less time. Thank you Jason and Jodi for your generosity and I hope our paths cross in the future.

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