by Joshua Millage


I was watching a documentary on climbing with my old roommate the other night called progression. The premise of the documentary is to showcase the climbers who are pushing the limits on what is possible. Its insanely good.

So I’ve been wondering… How does this apply to me. Am I progressing? Am I pushing the limits of what is possible for myself and the projects that I am involved it? The answer is… well… sometimes.

These climbers are pushing the limits because they are being creative. They are conceiving moves that were thought to be impossible, and accomplishing these moves though monastic devotion and a lot of training. Christ Sharma, a climber who has been pushing the limits for over a decade, spent months high in the Mojave Desert at Clark Mountain working on a project on-and-off for over 2 years.

Question of the day… Are you willing to commit to something for year on end to make progress?