Human Connection

by Joshua Millage

What is something that every human being longs for?


It is in our genetic code to belong to something. To connect with a group. To be apart of a movement. We want to feel a affinity for something that we can define ourselves by.

For this reason one can see why twitter and facebook are so popular. They allow us to “connect” without the the anxiety of real human connection. This is good in a way because it allows us to achieve ambient connection. For instance, I live 2000 miles from my family. I would like to talk and communicate with them them directly everyday, but that task can be rather daunting with the time change and our busy schedules. Facebook allows me to tap into what they are up to in non-intrusive way… something called ambient connection. This enables our verbal communication to be more robust and dynamic when I do get to talk to them.

The downside of the social media phenomena is that it is changing how we communicate in person. Social media should enhance our in human communications, but I fear that it is causing to be increasingly more brief and less expansive and creative in our verbal communications.

We need to have a verbal communication revolution and embrace the art of conversation.

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