Conversation Revolution

by Joshua Millage

Conversation is dying…

I firmly believe that my generation holds some of the final conversationalist that this world has. My brothers generation has little hope. They do not want to talk, and if they do talk the conversation is empty.

There needs to be a revolution.

I have an idea!

I want to start a book. Why do I say “start” instead of “write”. Because I am going to be only one of many to write this book. I am going to start the book, but other individuals will add their ideas and thoughts to it. The book is going to be a foundation for a conversation revolution. An revolution where we shut technology off (other than maybe some music), and hash out ideas, perspectives, thoughts, concepts and grow.

I want to see this book exponentially multiply with additions from individuals all over the world. I want to sell this book and have all the money donated to a non profit for the arts called CASA. (A blog post is yet to come on CASA)

Do you want to be a part of the revolution?

Lets go…