On the road again

by Joshua Millage

Finally. I landed in Scotland. I can honestly say that this journey to Scotland was one of the most intense journeys I have been on. Back to back red eyes with a 10 hour layover in between on top of a logistical nightmare getting to St. Andrews. I am actually not even at St. Andrews, but my bus has Wifi so I thought I would post a update.

Well the trip started off well. From the onset I was worried about my bag. Im not sure why, but I felt like it was going to get misplaced. It didn’t but it barely made it. Its a brand new bag and it is totally trashed. (see pic)

I have learned something from this journey. Stay positive and enjoy the process. Find the humor in getting a indepth search in Amsterdam. Laugh when you see your bag come off the line opened with your underwear hanging out everywhere. Think how funny it must be for the old Scotish women laughing at you while you use some cheap tape to wrap your bag back together so that you can actually get it to the bus.

Don’t stress. Life happens. Enjoy the process not just the final destination.

Enjoy the pic. Oh and Ill post one of me smiling just so you can see Im not being sarcastic.