Finally Frankfurt! Let the Field Study Begin…

by Joshua Millage

I arrived in Frankfurt yesterday around 6pm. And after another crazy day logistically I can definitely say I was glad to be at my destination – united with my cohort – ready to learn on the road.

We went out last night for a nice meal and some drinks, and then went back to our room (where we are sleep 8 in a room built for 2). We stayed up late and chatting about how funny German game shows are. They really are hilarious – the one we watched seemed to be a blend of physical technique and brains. Flat out hilarious when you do not understand the language. We ended up adding out own commentary and creating our own mystery science theater…

I am so thankful for the group of students I get to travel with. They are a group of 7, plus or minus a few on each trip.

Today we woke up and went to cafe and started working on our case study. I am consistently amazed how much I am pushed to be better by just simply being in their presence. The conversations are always dynamic, forward thinking, and creative. I can say that one of the biggest benefits of being a part of the MMBA is the intensive human contact that you have with your classmates. The people in my program are the best and make me better.

I wrote this listening to Citizen Cope – “Off the ground”