Headed to Munich.

by Joshua Millage

Well it can be easily seen that I am horrible at blogging. However, in my defense my internet coverage has left a lot to be desired.

So far we have been in Frankfurt-Aschaffensberg-Stutgarrt-Berlin. I am writing this post from a train headed to Bavaria to the enchanting city of Muechen aka Munich. The trip has been a incredible experience. Honestly, one of the best international education trips I have been on. Dr. Walz, our group leader, has had a vision of balancing work and fun which in turn has able us to really get a good grip of the culture of Germany.

Frankfurt was a city of many banks. We heard from a Venture Capitalist who is from America, but now works for a VC firm called High Tech Grunderfonds. The lecture was insightful because it illuminated the many benefits and freedoms that we have in the USA. It can take over 100 days to set up a company in Germany while in the USA it’s just a drive to the secretary of states office – actually everything can be done from a computer.
We also visited the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the European Bank. Both of these visits were interesting, but I pulled more from the VC lecture.  A few points about these visits –  the EU bank is arrogant and has way to much faith in man. The stock exchange was much like the Brazilian stock exchange with the majority of trades happening online.

In Achaffensburg we visited a Applied Sciences school. Our resident Ansoffian Strategy expert, Dr. Kipley, gave a dynamic lecture on his new strategy matrix. Very interesting stuff. We also listened to a Lecture by one of the schools business professors on the differences between US discount stores and Germany discount stores. He also enlighten us on why Walmart failed in Germany. A lot of what the professor was talking about came from the book Blue Ocean Strategy which is a book that I recommend all people read.

Our day in Stutgart was one of my favorites. We visited the Mercedes-Benz museum and factory. I learned so much on the importance of creativity in manufacturing and the respect of employees. Essentially, creativity and respect has bred quality for Mercedes. We also visited porche and saw cars that cost almost as much as all my families rental properties combined.
Berlin was all play and no work. We relaxed from a busy week and enjoyed a few days to tour on our own and see the sites.
On to Munich.
Here is a link to my flikr photostream – check out the fancy cars: