The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

by Joshua Millage

Welcome to a new era. 2011 will be different. I believe that my generation is at the tipping point of something big. We have been fed meaningless marketing, mantras, political manifestos, music, and movies. Everything seems to be able to be boiled down to a few themes.

These themes are essentially sex, drugs, and a believe that we might was well live it up tonight because tomorrow is going to be full of the same thing. Brokenness, pain, and meaninglessness. We want something more. In every aspect of our lives it can be seen that we want a deeper meaning. We want to wear brand that are attached to helping something – something with purpose. We want to listen to bands that give back. We want to watch movies that are original and full of deeper themes. 

It’s time to switch change up. 

I’m on a conquest in a search for meaning. In everything I do. I am consistently fighting my utterly consuming desire for money. Which for myself has been a source of much meaningless actions, thoughts and relationships. 

I’ve been trained in business for to long now and the bottom line is BS. Passion and meaningful connections will be a new form of currency in the new economy, and money will be a by product from this. Not the focus. 

While I sit here and write this post I realize that many people will disagree with this perspective. They will say “Josh, can’t you see more people are watching TV, more people are listening to Lil Wayne talk about his Hoes, more people want to wear brands that publicize a empty lifestyle.” And while that might be true to some degree. I know from my interactions that the mindset of many individuals is changing. The revolution will not be televised. It starts will ourselves and our mindsets and moves on from there. TV is going to change, music is going to change, thought is going to change. 

I understand where truth and meaning stems from… do you?