The Sydney Experience

by Joshua Millage

Well once again finding internet on the road (for free) is a difficult task. However, this has not put one damper on my Sydney experience other than the fact that I cannot blog and stay in touch with my friends and family in the states.
Here is a recap of my incredible week in the land down under.
Monday – Visit with a US government agency that deals with helping US companies do business in Australia. We also visited a PR firm that talk about how different the Australian market was in comparison to the US market.
Tuesday – We visited SAP. I finally learned what this company did and Andy (the gentleman who gave the talk) was so passionate that it was hard not to apply for a position right on the spot. Easily $100,000 worth of info in that visit. The second visit was Alcatel-Lucent – honestly the visit was a little over my head and I can’t really recall much – I ended up writing notes about a few businesses I want to start and a couple of new blog ideas. Oh and also how much I want to start fly fishing again! You can’t always bat 100%

Wednesday – FREE DAY! In the morning we did a tour of Sydney and then went to the Opera house for a tour. The Sydney Opera house is such an incredible building, and its story is just as dramatic as the plays that happen with in its walls. In the afternoon we went to Manly beach to enjoy some body surfing in 70+ degree water, Calamari, Tacos (can’t leave LA), and German beer (go figure). TRAVEL TIP: if you want a cheap treat go to Mcdonalds for the 50 cent ice-cream cones. I hate Mcdonalds, but when you happen to be in Australia for the hottest week in recorded history (no joke google search it) the freezing cold cheap deliciousness is to hard to turn down.
Thursday – We visited Westpac and Maersk Line ocean freight. Two incredible companies with incredible visions for the future.
Friday – We visited Grant Thorton accounting and had a taste at the different accounting practices in Australia. I know – sounds like paint drying would be more fun. However, the directors that we met with were hilarious and actually made the subject interesting (thanks). In the afternoon we visited Gloria Jeans coffee. This was hands down my favorite visit. We toured their roasting facility and met their entire marketing team. Gloria Jeans is such an incredible company with passion to change the world, and when you visit them it really shows.
Saturday – FREE DAY! Woke at 6:30am to head to the beach. Chilled at Manly til mid day and then went back for a good-ole-fashion Australian BBQ and a gentlemen house named Adrienne. Madness ensued when we went Kayaking and had two our guys capsize in jelly fish infested waters. No body was hurt. Then again when we had Carnivorous birds come and beg for lamb. Which we gave them – check the video. They are called Kookaburra. Remember the song from grade school?