Why everyone needs an About.me page

by Joshua Millage

Is the business card dying? In some respect I believe it is. In the age of smart phones we are now sharing our identities in a digital way. I work with many progressive entrepreneurs and creatives in the LA area. While we still exchange business cards I find myself “bumping” my info more often. 

While this exchange of information is quick, easy and green I sometimes want to showcase everything in a more eloquent way. Enter about.me – a site that allows me to create a page to showcase my digital identity and analyze statistics on how individuals are viewing my information. Giving me the ability to tweak how I interact online to more effectively build my personal brand. 

About.me is unique because it allows creativity in a constrained medium. The profile page allows you to adjust the background, add text, text box and change the font – no more no less. This forces creativity because it causes you to think about how you want to use your background. How will you showcase you in a new and interesting way? Check my about.me page http://about.me/millage

About.me is business card 2.0 – get your now http://bit.ly/fvqiIt