3 Ways I Step Up My Game

by Joshua Millage

1. Find time for myself

This past month has been insane. Work, Internship, Grad. School, everything hit in full force. The times when I felt the most stressed were the times that I did not take time for myself. Whether it was traveling out to intelligentsia for a nice pour over cup of coffee or taking a ridge run, I learned that if I did not take time to recalibrate my productivity and mental state would suffer.

2. Exercise

Sir Richard Branson once said that they key to his success was getting exercise. I would have to agree. When stress hits take it out on the weights. 

3. Write

For the longest time I hated writing, and to be honest I sucked at it (in some forms I still do). However, that is no excuse for writing down thoughts and idea. Get stuff out of your head and on paper. Its stops the chatter in your brain and makes room for peace and serenity in your mental state. 

What do you do to step up your game?